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All prices are pet only please contact for breeding rights

  Goode Olde Dogges of Hawaii 



I, Keoni Ha, have sold this dog sex _________ color ______________________________

to ___________________________________ for the sum of $___________ to be paid in full upon receipt of the dog.  All warranties are conditional with stipulations as such:

All dogs shall be sold with current vaccinations and worming.

All dogs shall not be relinquished to a shelter without contacting us first for a possible buy back.

All dogs shall be cared for with loving guidance, obedience trained, kept off a chain, in a clean filth free environment, free from parasites and out of the elements for dogs entire life.

All dogs shall be exercised daily.

All dogs shall be kept parasite free and vaccinated regularly

All dogs shall carry the acronym G.O.D. before their registered name.

All buyers have 1 week to see a vet and be eligible for full refund due to health defects.

All dogs bought with limited registration shall  be fixed within 24 months and shall not be bred.  Sale off unregistered pups from unregistered dogs shall carry a $5000 penalty and the relinquishment of the unauthorized litter.

In the event of a natural death or debilitation occurring within 48 hours of arriving at its' new home, we will assume full responsibility and refund you in full or provide a replacement dog within  24 months.  Customers opting for refunds must prove death by natural causes

Breeding Dogs or Show Dogs

All dogs bought for the purpose of breeding or showing shall come with IOEBA puppy registration.

Show dogs achieving blue ribbons will be eligible for IOEBA registration rebate up to $100 with receipt.

Any dog bought with limited registration shall be eligible for unlimited registration at a later date with a $500 fee and a personal inspection.

All dogs shall be guaranteed for fertility.  Any dog found to be sterile by a vet shall be replaced with a pup from the next available litter or any litter of your preference.


Buyer agrees not to file civil action in the event of a disagreement instead seek third party arbitration of the sellers’ request.