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  Goode Olde Dogges of Hawaii 

G.O.D Mambo 18', 70lbs

This girl is the daughter of the infamous Blue Suede. She is a prime example as to why so many kennels carry his lineage.  Mambo is a solid well rounded dog with a beautiful stance and bone structure.  She is a great mother that throws blues and symetrical markings. Even though she is the boss of the yard she is a great listener and gets along with all types of animals.
























G.O.D Kealani 19" 71 lbs 

Kea is a sweetheart with great manners.  You can eat a meal next to her as she patiently watches.  She is very loving and soft hearted, but she is also our best watch dog.  We created this girl with imported semen from Rio Bravo Bulldogges with which we used in an A.I. with Mambo.  Her father is a brute named Kekoa. She carries a blue gene from both parents and is all white with tiny blue ticking on her ears.  Being of a more slender build makes her extremly agile and quick for a bulldogge.  While playing with the water hose she can nearly complete a back flip. Check out Kea's father at the IOEBA Breed Standard Olde English Bulldogge Page  or our males page Thanks to Rio bravo Bulldogges.