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  Goode Olde Dogges of Hawaii 

Good Olde Dogges

Aloha, welcome to our site. We here, at Good Olde Dogges, are not your typical kennel, but rather a Big Island family who has been blessed with these wonderful animals that we can share with the world.  We only have a few litters a year, but that dosen't make us any less credible.  Only by using exceptional parents will you get exceptional offspring.  That is why we will go to reputable breeders thousands of miles away to acquire acceptable specimens.  I am a firm believer in bettering the breed, which is the purpose of every litter and every pairing. Ultimately, we are striving for the perfect pet...brave, humble, strong, gentle, healthy, and not to mention good looking.  These dogs come with up to date vacinations and wormings, warranties and customer service.  Also, ask us about our 10 % veterans discount and repeat customer discount.


Personal History

My wife and I have been pet people all our lives.  We have allways had dogs, from Dachunds to Ridgebacks, and everything in between.  It was not until 2009 that we met DSK's Rocco.  A close friend of ours had always wanted a English Bulldog, but after doing the research decided on the much healthier Olde English Bulldogge.  They raved about there new dog's awesome temperment and great looks, and they weren't lying.  After meeting the 125llb teddy bear, we we off on our OEB adventure.  Getting involved with these magestic animals has been a great pastime for me and my family.  Thank you Juju and Cliff for introducing us to this outstanding breed.

 This year we have a awesome litter of beautyfull, healthy pups to present. With the help of Arry Toussi from One of a Kind Bulldogs, we have produced dogs with structure rarely seen here in Hawaii.

Breed History

The original old English Bulldog surfaced around the 17th century.  Used for the popular blood sport of bull baitin,g these bulldogs needed to be quick, game, strong, and able to endure and inflict a substantial amount of punishment.  This sport and others like it survived in England for over a hundred  years untill its abolishment in 1835.  This left the english bulldog of old unemployed.  The breed dwindled, but was partially kept alive by beeing crossed with smaller bully breeds for a more domestic purpose.  This new bullier apparance appealed to arristocrats and sparked the beginning of the English Bulldog.  Heavy pug influence shortend the dog to an unnatural degree, leaving the breed with constricted air ways, a twisted bone structure, and the inability to breed or birth naturally.

  In the early 1970's breeders like David Levitt and Greg Hermes set out to recreate the bulldogge of old without the undesirable traits.  The result was the Olde English Bulldogge of today.  A old time look with a new family friendly personality. By infusing EB, AB, APBT,and Mastiff, the best of each breed was blended to revive the English Bulldogge of Olde.